First Baptist Church of Carrollton – Open Hands Ministry (678) 664-2206

Reading Glasses, Warm Winter Clothing and Blankets

The Open Hands Ministry is currently sponsored and funded by the First Baptist Church of Carrollton, Georgia. It was established to provide food and personal care items to individuals and families struggling in our community. The ministry currently has an active staff of approximately twenty-six members who volunteer on a rotating monthly schedule. As the ministry evolved, the staff noticed that many of the people seeking assistance had a difficult time completing the required paperwork or reading the labels on cans due to vision problems they encountered. Providing basic reading glasses to many of the individuals significantly and instantly improved their quality of life. The vision need also prompted the ministry to establish a strategic partnership with Sears Sight One Program, which allows the referral of three individuals per month to be evaluated for prescription eyeglasses.

The 2011 Community Impact Fund will help to expand the growth of the reading glass ministry and to further compliment the cold weather preparedness program.

Open Hands United Christian Ministries (678) 664-2206.