Alice Huffard Richards Fund Environmental Grants

The 2020 AHR grant application is now CLOSED!

The deadline to apply was August 15, 2019.

AHR Fund’s Environmental Impact Intentions:
“We believe in protecting the fragile, natural beauty of the West Georgia Region and raising awareness for the role that each of us as individuals play in the larger environmental community.”

West Point Lake Chattahoochee Riverkeeper’s Floating Classroom

We Fund:

Conservation and stewardship of the local region’s natural resources including:

  • River and stream monitoring and activities that help ensure river and stream purity and availability of clean drinking water.
    • This includes removal of trash and toxic items from land and waterways.
  • Recycling projects and beautification of public space
  • Community education and volunteer and community engagement
West Georgia teachers at Bird of Prey show
Looking at a swallowtail caterpillar
We spotted a Ruby-throated Hummingbird Nest!
Learning about adaptations playing Fill the Bill

West GA teachers during Audubon’s Taking Wings curriculum training funded by AHR in 2019

We Measure:

  • Grantees’ impact on local water quality and the cleanliness of public spaces, rivers and streams.
  • Grantees’ effectiveness in actively engaging the local community in recycling and clean-up projects.
  • Grantees’ effectiveness educating the community on environmental issues/sustainable lifestyle choices.

Patience Allan-Glick, Program Mgr.,

Bremen High School students participating in litter cleanup for Keep Haralson Beautiful grant.

Keep Carroll Beautiful speaking to a group of girl scouts and giving a class on recycling in the classroom.