Alice Huffard Richards Charitable Foundation TEACHER LEADERSHIP FELLOWSHIP Final Grant Report - Updated 2015

Our MISSION is to further the philanthropic efforts of Alice Huffard Richards. Our FOCUS is to enhance life in the Carroll County community through targeted investments in Early Child Development (birth through age four), Environment and Leadership.
  • Please answer the following questions for the Fellowship Year about which you are reporting:

  • Accepted file types: pdf.
  • Budget should be in the following format: 6 columns with these title: 1) Date of Expense >2) Expense Category (i.e Mileage, Lodging, Supplies, etc)>3) Vendor/Payee Name> 4) Purpose of expense>5) Comments or Explanation> 6) Dollar Amount. Please total expenses at bottom.
  • Drop files here or
  • Please do not send any additional documentation unless requested by the CFWG.