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Friends of the Carrollton Center for the Arts

Carrollton Arts Commission Creative Fund

The Carrollton Arts Commission is an advisory committee for the Carrollton Center for the Arts. The twelve-person Arts Commission is represented by artists, patrons, and educational, business, and community leaders.  Each Commissioner is appointed by the Carrollton Mayor and City Council. Terms on the Arts Commission are for three years with an option to do a second three-year term after the first term is completed.  The purpose of the Carrollton Arts Commission Creative Fund (CACCF) is to help foster the development of artists and art initiatives that cannot be funded by general operating support through the City of Carrollton.  The fund is designed to allow the community to support the arts by charitable giving through the Community Foundation of West Georgia.  All donations made to the Community Foundation in support of the CACCF would be considered tax deductible under the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service. 

What investments in the arts does the Carrollton Arts Commission Creative Fund Cover?

The CACCF funds are subdivided into two categories: 

a.  Scholarship Funding – To receive funding, participants must reside in Carroll County.  Families can receive full or partial scholarship funding for each person who wants to participate in an educational program offered at the Carrollton Center for the Arts.   Scholarships are limited to one activity per individual per semester.   Families must qualify for this type of funding through the Carrollton Center for the Arts. 

b.  Special Project Initiatives – Partial or full funding for these initiatives can be awarded to affiliate groups associated with the Carrollton Center for the Arts or for staff initiatives with regular programming.  Examples of these types of art initiatives include, but are not limited to, public art initiatives, purchase of special equipment or professional services, artist in residences, and  guest artists. 

How are Funds awarded?

The Arts Commission will vote on funding initiatives at regularly-scheduled, monthly meetings.  Scholarship funding requests will be made by staff, and other funding initiatives can be made by affiliate groups or by staff.  All funding requests must be presented in writing as to account for all funded initiatives. Those funding initiatives awarded must receive 50% or more votes from the Arts Commission. 

What are things that we Do Not Fund through this program? 

a.  The CACCF does not fund initiatives outside of Carroll County.  All initiatives must happen within Carroll County.

b. The CACCF does not fund travel or professional development of staff or members of any affiliate group.

c. The CACCF does not fund awards for expenses towards fundraising events