Carroll County Genealogical Society

For many years, genealogical research has been extremely time consuming and tedious – pouring over books and films stored in faraway libraries. The introduction of computers and websites now offer the possibility of having many (if not all) family histories available for searching at a person’s home — anywhere in the world.

Our Society has been a leader in the Genealogical Community by creating extremely functional data bases that have proven to be easily workable. An example is the over 50,000 obituaries of Carroll County residents from the late 1800’s to the present.  The Special Collections section in the Carrollton Library contains countless such files that are just waiting to be digitized!  Converting this mountain of information will take three to five years once the systems are in place.

The CCGSGA wants to continue innovating by making our communities family historical records accessible through technology.  Below are the projects and costs that the society will take with Nimbus Cloud Designs to create the tools to make researching family history quick and accessible to everyone.

Project 1: Quarterly Index and Image Project

CCGSGA will create a searchable online platform for all the names and images indexed in our 148 Quarterlies.

1. Create a .CSV document of the index with a correlation between the names and the index images.
2. Breaking down documents inside of each of 148 Quarterlies.
3. Build a section of the site to house and upload the index names and images.
4. Create a view to display and search the index.

This project will take NCD at between 100 – 150 hours and will cost $3,500.

Project 2: Digital Records Project

Digitize the cemetery books (Burials in all cemeteries in Carroll County)
the Confederate records of Carroll County units of the War Between the States, the Marriage Records, and some court records.

1. Scan and digitize the already existing records.
2. Section and organize the digital documents into ebooks.
3. (optional) Create a section of the site that utilizes e-commerce to sell the ebooks.

This project with the e-commerce component will take about 60 hrs and cost $2,200.

Project 3: Continuing the Obituary Project

Since 2010, the library no longer keeps a historical record of our communities obituaries. This task has been picked up by the CCGSGA as part of the current obit project.

1. Scan and Digitize the records that have been collected on paper.
2. Create and custom online portal to index the new records that no longer contains the library and microfilm information.

This Project is already underway, The scanning is now complete, the digital component is a 20 hours project and will cost $700.


Total Cost: $6,400


Due at beginning of Project – $2,000




To be made in payments over the time of the project – $4,400

PARTIALLY FUNDED ($2,000 of $4,400)



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