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Circles is an innovative, community-driven way to effect poverty.  It is different from simply providing assistance to people in poverty.  Circles’ mission is to inspire and equip families and communities to thrive and end poverty.


There are 20,000 families living in poverty in Carroll County.  This means one in four children here is living in poverty.  That number is one in three children in Haralson and Heard.

We can take care of our poor by addressing poverty, shifting from merely service delivery to self-sufficiency and community building .


A Circle is a supportive, intentional, reciprocal, befriending relationship made up of one Circle Leader, who is a person living in poverty, and two to four Circle Allies, who are volunteers willing to build supportive relationships that help people achieve their goals.

Weekly community meetings provide Circle Leaders and their Allies with educational information, information on positive lifestyle changes, family dynamics, and ways and opportunities for them to offer something back to their


Circles program participants see life-changing results.  Families that stay in Circles 18 months drastically increase their assets and earnings.  Initial research showed that for every $1 invested in Circles, $2 in welfare and food stamp subsidies was returned to the state and $4 to the community as new earned income.

Circles teaches self-sufficiency as it builds positive behavior and relationships.  Circles’ success can reach beyond the Circle Leaders and their families.  It can address generational poverty as children observe new behaviors and lifestyles.  If a family learns a different way to live, this cycle can be broken.  This success also can spread to Leaders’ friends and other family members.


Circles depends on community support and involvement as it mobilizes volunteers, community leaders and organizations to partner with families in need.

  • You can volunteer to be an Ally, helping Circle Leaders achieve their goals.
  • You can refer people to become Circle Leaders and change their lives.
  • You can provide a meal or help with child care at one of the community meetings.
  • You can make a donation HERE or by writing a check payable to CFWG-Circles of West Georgia. Mail to CFWG, 807 South Park Street, Carrollton, GA 30117.

The Community Foundation and St. Margaret’s Community Outreach are serving as the transition/launch team for
Circles of West Georgia, which will operate as an independent entity.

Circles of West Georgia In-Kind Wish List

In-Kind Donation Wish List

  1. Office space with Wi-Fi availability
  2.  Office furniture for Circles Coordinator (desk, chair, 2 side chairs, small round table with chairs);
    additional set-up for Circles Coach mid-2015
  3. Laptop computer with Wi-Fi capability
  4. Wireless printer
  5. Telephone and service
  6. Copier and service
  7. Fax machine
  8. General office supplies (paper, ink, files, pens, clips, etc.)
  9. Large locking file cabinet
  10. 2 folding work tables
  11. Large meeting space (with Wi-Fi availability and digital presentation capability), kitchen, tables and chairs for 50-75 people, restroom facilities, separate rooms for Circle Leader training, Ally training and children/youth programming, all with tables and chairs
  12. Weekly meals for 50-75 people per specified nutritional guidelines
  13. Weekly care/programming for children/youth
  14. Academic/art supplies for children/youth programming