Communities in Schools of Carrollton and Carroll County – Monthly Giving Page

Who We Are

Communities in Schools (CIS) of Carrollton City and Carroll County is a nonprofit organization focused on improving student success. We work directly with school systems by placing a “Site Coordinator” inside the schools to assess at-risk student’s needs, and then work with them to provide guidance and connections to community resources to help meet those needs. The Site Coordinators are able to surround the students with the care and support needed through this process.

What You Are Contributing To

Your donation towards CIS will go to the Site Coordinators in order to ensure these students receive the community resources and guidance needed to stay in school and achieve their goals. This can be done by providing a mentor relationship for the students, tutoring and study aid services, and service learning opportunities. Also, CIS is able to link the students and families to services within the community such as mental health services, parent education, family counseling, food banks and other social services to meet the family’s needs.

What We Need From You

This monthly giving program gives you the chance to make a difference in the lives of students. The benefits to using this program is that it is an automatic deduction program, so once you sign up there is no monthly check to write. And it is safe and easy to use! Just enjoy knowing that your monthly donations are helping students within your own community.


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Communities in Schools of Carrollton and Carroll County Monthly Giving Program
  • Please choose your monthly recurring giving amount below. If you would like to give more than $100 monthly please call our office.
  • American Express
  • By accepting these terms, you authorize the Community Foundation of West Georgia (CFWG) to automatically withdraw the amount selected above from the specified bank account on a monthly basis until you discontinue the deduction or until a period of twenty months has elapsed, whichever comes first. If sufficient funds are not available at the time the withdrawal is attempted, you authorize CFWG to submit the withdrawal for payment a second time and agree that all associated bank overdraft or other bank fees are solely your responsibility. You may discontinue your participation in the monthly giving program at any time. To discontinue your participation in the program and stop the monthly withdrawals you must notify CFWG in writing. Please note that it may take up to 30 days after CFWG receives your written request to stop the automatic withdrawals.