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Asked questions

I haven’t received the auto-generated email yet.  What should I do? 

It could take an entire day for the system to fully process each custom URL and send the auto-generated email.  Check your Spam or Junk folder for an email from If it hasn’t arrived within 24 hours, please email so that he can manually re-send the information you will need to get up-and-going.

I don’t understand how to navigate the portal.  Where can I get help? 

You have the option to call or set up a meeting with our staff to go over the portal in more detail. Reach out to our team by calling 770-832-1462.

The URL only worked the first time.  How do I return to the portal? 

Take note of your username and the password you select and then visit with a new link provided by us. 

I’ve lost my password.  What should I do? 

For security reasons, we do not have the ability to access your password.  If you need us to erase your previous password so that you can create a new one, please email Julie Coppinger

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