FAQ: Gifts

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Through creating a fund—or contributing to an existing one—you can help unleash the potential of our community. Let us help you make the greatest impact with your charitable giving.
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Can I make additional contributions to the fund? Is there a minimum amount?

You are encouraged to make additional contributions to the fund! You will be entitled to take a tax deduction each time you make an additional gift of any size. Other people (or corporations) can also make gifts to your fund. There is no minimum contribution amount.

Can I move funds from another donor-advised fund I have with another organization to CFWG?

Yes, you can typically transfer funds from one donor-advised fund to another. Simply contact your current donor-advised fund provider and recommend a grant to the Community Foundation of West Georgia.

Can I give stock?

Absolutely! Many donors find that appreciated stock is the most beneficial contribution possible because they receive a tax deduction based on the full market value of the share, but they realize no capital gains when the stock is sold by CFWG.

Can I contribute assets from my IRA to my donor-advised fund?

You may name your donor-advised fund as the charitable beneficiary of all or part of an IRA. You should consult with your tax advisor or attorney to determine how this affects your tax liability and filing needs. Under current law, a distribution to a donor-advised fund does not qualify as a QCD. You can, however, donate the cash you receive as your RMD from your IRA (or from another retirement plan) to your donor-advised fund and the charitable contribution deduction may reduce your taxes if you itemize by reducing your adjusted gross income.