Let the Good Grow – Monthly Giving

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Through creating a fund—or contributing to an existing one—you can help unleash the potential of our community. Let us help you make the greatest impact with your charitable giving.
Kim Jones


What is “Let the Good Grow”?

Let the Good Grow is a monthly giving program that will allow people to make a difference in Carroll, Heard and Haralson counties forever. It is an initiative introduced by the Community Foundation of West Georgia to encourage donors to pledge a monthly contribution. The contribution can be either $20, $50, $100 or more each month and it will join with many other donations. These donations then become many thousands of dollars for grants that will enhance the quality of life for thousands of people in these three counties.

What am I contributing to?

Each month your donation goes directly into the Foundation’s Community Impact Fund, which distributes annual grants to local organizations supporting: human service, arts and culture, environmental, economic development, education, medical and hospice programs. Monthly donations can truly change the world around us with an impact that lasts a lifetime because this endowed fund continuously grows and gives back to the community forever.

What do I have to do?

The monthly giving program is an automatic deduction program, so once you sign up there is no monthly check to write. Just enjoy knowing that your monthly donations are making a difference in your community!