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Kim Jones


Healing Point

Healing Point is a community greenhouse project put together by the Rapha Clinic of West Georgia & Waypoint Ranch to provide sustainable food access.

Why do we need Healing Point?

  • There are approximately 75,000 uninsured adults in our service area comprising 17% of the total population.
  • High diabetes, hypertension, and obesity rates are present and growing.
  • Type II diabetes, a disease that evidence-based medicine says can be treated and reversed with diet and lifestyle change, affects 1 out of 12 of our citizens.
  • Carroll, Haralson, and Heard counties have been classified as USDA food desert regions.

What is a food desert?

Food deserts are regions where it is difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh food.

Food insecurity has a high correlation with increased diabetes rates.  The death rate from diabetes in a food desert is twice the rate of other areas.

With limited options, many people living in food deserts get meals from fast-food restaurants or convenience stores.  When you fill up on low nutrient level foods, you are not filling up on the ones that aid in building the body’s systems.

Our neighbors, many times, do not have the transportation to access establishments that sell healthier food such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Food access is not simply a health issue, but also a community development and equity issue.  For this reason, access to healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food is a key component not only in a healthy, sustainable food system, but also in a healthy sustainable community.

The BIG Picture

is that we can make a difference in the lives of our clinic patients and the community by specific evidence-based health and wellness programming.  The need for healthier, nutritious, and less-traveled food is paramount.  For long-term health gains, we must also have the access to nutrient-dense food in our area.

Now, the solution: