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General Questions

Our Community is full of people who are philanthropic. Sometimes, it can be hard to all of our voices to be heard. Like people are listening to our issues and community areas of improvement. On the Table will let those voices be heard and  inspire more collaboration and time spent listening and learning from new people.

As a grass roots organization led by community volunteers, the Foundation rallies changemakers around important issues, accelerate social innovation, and mobilize diverse resources for both social and financial return. A thriving community for all is possible with vision, knowledge, connections and resources to proactively work in concert.

This is an opportunity to gather with friends, neighbors, and some people you don’t know to listen and learn about issues that impact our community. We will be able to talk about our personal experiences and listen to others. 

Host Questions

All a host needs to do is determine a location, invite people for a mealtime conversation, and use our resources to prepare you to have a conversation. 

Sign up to host and watch our host training. 

We ask that you get names and emails of your On the Table participants and send that into the Foundation via email or mail so that we can send them an anonymous survey. 

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Contact Cindy Sanders, Manager of Communications & Partnerships at or call our office at 770-832-1462

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