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Professional Advisor Blog: March

Winds of change and headwinds: Legislation and inflation; Closely-held business interests: Adventuresome giving; Crypto and CRTs: Buried treasure, or hidden pitfalls?

Professional Advisor Blog: April

Thumbs up: SECURE Act 2.0; A mixed bag: Budget legislation; Cash crunch: Gifting non-income producing assets

Professional Advisor Blog: May

QCDs: Good news and important reminders; Income timing: A NIMCRUT could hold the key; Social consciousness: Today’s expectations of advisors

Professional Advisor Blog: June

Planning for retirement and giving to charity: Intertwined solutions in economically puzzling times; Playbook: Helping clients organize their giving through a donor-advised fund; Finding the good, giving as a wealth strategy, and an open invitation

Professional Advisor Blog: July

As the second quarter of 2022 gets into full swing, many people are reviewing client files to schedule annual meetings, update estate plans, or adjust 2022 tax planning to align with the realities of the year. A lot might have changed for your clients now that we are in the midst of high inflation and stock market volatility. 

Professional Advisor Blog: August

August is national Make a Will Month, and the publicity surrounding this designation may prompt your clients to ask you about whether their affairs are in good order. Indeed, despite the many cautionary tales arising out of the Covid-19 pandemic, most Americans do not have a will

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