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We know that you want to help your clients fulfill their charitable wishes, meet their financial planning goals, and reach the maximum tax advantages. CFWG staff are experts in philanthropy with comprehensive knowledge of community needs, the CFWG staff will support you and your clients in the giving process while you remain involved.

Professional Advisor Perspective

Financial planner Joe Garrett of Garrett Robinson Investment in Carrollton believes in the power of the Community Foundation of West Georgia to make our community greater.

In fact, Joe has personal knowledge of how easy it is to set up a fund a the Foundation. Following the tragic death of their son, the family established the Will Garrett Memorial Fund in 2017. “Not only was the fund easy to set up, it’s easy  to make distributions. People easily can make tax- deductible donations” he said.

The majority of his clients have heard of the Foundation, but most people don’t know how it works and the benefits it can offer them. “Some believe the Community Foundation was developed for people who are super wealthy, but it’s for everyone who wants to out source money management and liability,” Joe noted. “Nonprofit organizations and even churches can also benefit from having a fund there.”

Why work with us?

Unsure of how to talk to your clients? Maybe you have a few that are interested in legacy gifts but want those gifts to go to a national organization. We can help guide them to nonprofits right here that will truly make a difference for our neighbors.

If you have a client that might be interested in a fund at the Community Foundation, we can provide you with information for you to share with your client about which assets to give, tax deductions for various gifts. And which fund type would be best to help them accomplish their philanthropic goals.

Let us assist you and your clients.

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