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Connection is Essential
By: Stephanie Cirasa, EAP3, Military Specialty

In our community, families are struggling.

Veterans are trying to recover from post military service related injuries and create new civilian lives. Grandparents are raising their grandchildren. There is an unprecedented number of college students struggling with anxiety. Suicides are becoming more and more common. We live in a time of great uncertainty combined with great opportunity and rapidly evolving technology.

At Waypoint Ranch our team of counselors and mentors provides families with alternative routes to recovery from anxiety, depression, and the unseen wounds of war. We specialize in recovery using evidence based trauma treatment combined with animal assisted therapies. Our clients work with horses and dogs to find the answers that are hidden deep inside. Our clients reconnect with themselves, the land and  animals. Connection is essential to human well being.

Together with community support, volunteer mentors and donations we are breaking the cycle of multi-generational trauma so families can lead happy, healthier lives for generations to come.

                                              JOIN US – WE NEED YOU!


                                                       Waypoint Ranch

                                  195 Little River Rd – Carrollton GA 30117

Your Recurring Donation Provides:

$20/month  care for our therapy horses (hay, grain, and farrier or veterinary care)
$50/month  trauma-informed dog training services for veterans and at-risk youth
$100/month  counseling services for veterans and their families






If you need to make any changes to your monthly giving (method, card number, amount, etc.), please contact our office at 770-832-1462.