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Donors who wish to support a specific agency or cause can establish a designated fund.  If the original charity ceases to exist, becomes obsolete or is unable to perform their charitable purposes, our Board of Directors is able to redirect the funds to an organization providing similar services without the cost of expensive legal action.

Many nonprofit organizations establish an endowment fund with us in order to grow assets to meet both current and future needs.  They look to our Board of Directors for strong investment oversight services and ask our staff to manage all of the administrative details of the endowment.  This can provide a relatively constant source of annual income and help maintain their mission in perpetuity.  It also frees the non-profit to focus on what they do best in the community.

Donors can create a new designated fund, or contribute to an existing one.

Donate to a Designated/Nonprofit Fund HERE.


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AYA Campus

Bowdon Area Historical Society

Bowdon Schools Educational Fund

Carroll County Constitutional Officers

Carroll County Genealogical Society

Carroll County Historical Society

Carroll County Mental Health Advocates

Friends of the Buchanan-Carroll Public Library

Friends of the Carrollton Disc Golf Course
Friends of Mcintosh Reserve

Friends of Neva Lomason Memorial Library

Friends of Oak Grove Montessori School

Friends of the Carrollton Center for the Arts

Friends of the Carrollton Greenbelt Project

Friends of the Villa Rica Public Library

Friends of the Whitesburg Public Library

God's Farm

Pink Posse

West Georgia Council on Aging

Whitesburg Area Christian Ministries

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