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Gear up for a journey into the heart of the nonprofit world!

In every corner of our community, nonprofit organizations are performing extraordinary work to uplift and transform the lives of our fellow citizens. These organizations provide shelter for the homeless, equip students for futures full of promise, and ensure that no one goes hungry, among countless other critical services.
It's clear that these nonprofits are in need of support.
One of the most crucial needs, is that of dedicated individuals who possess a strong willingness to serve and the insight to guide these organizations wisely.

We call these people board members.

To meet this need, the Community Foundation of West Georgia has developed a special program for those interested in serving on a nonprofit board. This program, called OnBoard, aims to bridge the gap between the desire to contribute to community development and the specific skills and knowledge required to serve effectively on nonprofit boards.
By participating in the OnBoard program, individuals are better equipped with the essential tools and understanding needed to make impactful decisions and drive the missions of nonprofit organizations forward.

If you're driven by passion and eager to make a difference by serving on a nonprofit board, our OnBoard class stands as an exceptional resource for you! 

Check for upcoming events HERE.

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