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Katherine "Trinka" Davis Rhynne Grant

The Trinka Davis Grant was established in 2009 to both honor the life work of Ms. Davis and provide a permanent fund to assist veterans and their families. During her lifetime, Ms. Davis was a very successful business woman who owned Trintex Corporation in Bowdon from the early 1970’s.


In 1978, a fire destroyed most of the equipment. Against the advice of her financial advisors, Ms. Davis rebuilt the company and saved over 300 jobs. The company was very successful and became a leader in its industry. She later sold the company to Carlisle Tire and Wheel, Inc. in 2004. Her volunteer interests centered on the blind and she had a great passion for helping wounded veterans and their families. This fund is a legacy that will provide assistance to local veterans and their families indefinitely.

The grant application opens March 15th and closes April 30th at 11:59 EST.

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