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At the Community Foundation of West Georgia, we're unleashing the potential of our region.

As a grassroots organization led by community champions, we rally changemakers around important issues, accelerate social innovation, and mobilize diverse resources for both social and financial return.
grasshopper tea

Grasshopper Tea

An original puppet production rooting children in West Georgia’s history premiered in October.
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on the table

On the Table

On Feb. 9 we had community conversation about helping our communities thrive. Data results coming soon.
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2021 annual report

2021 Report to the Community

Read our 2021 Report to the Community.
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Dave and Pam Smith

Dave and Pam Smith support nonprofits  with ease through CFWG.

Financial planner Joe Garrett recommends starting a fund at CFWG to support the things that are important to you.
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The Community Foundation of West Georgia is a catalyzing force for creating a better future for all. We unite people to tackle the most persistent and critical challenges in our region—and we mobilize resources to transform lives.
power of the purse

Power of the Purse

Join other women in supporting women’s and children’s initiatives across our region.

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Precarious to Permanent

Finding community solutions to help those who face housing insecurity.



Through six grant cycles, we provide over $376,000 annually for innovative nonprofit initiatives that better our community.

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CFWG Helps Keep Carroll Beautiful

CFWG Helps Keep Carroll Beautiful

Keep Carroll Beautiful works hard to prevent and remove litter from our neighborhoods, parks and roads. You might have seen their signs around the Carrollton Greenbelt.
“Keep Carroll Beautiful has received grants from the Community Foundation for past projects, but the ability to connect with other nonprofits and get advice from the Foundation staff is the biggest value for us,” said Executive Director Martyna Griffin. “The Foundation does more than give grants—it connects nonprofits that have similar goals. It’s amazing when you look at all the nonprofits in the area that are trying to help people.”
Keep Carroll Beautiful opened a fund with the Foundation in 2020. Martyna said, “We were very pleased with the advice from the Community Foundation and just how easy it was to set everything up. It’s generating some money for beautification projects of our own so we can continue to give back to the community.”
On Call for Mental Health Emergencies

On Call for Mental Health Emergencies

Carroll County Mental Health Advocates started in 2008. For 10 years it was volunteer driven until Jodie Goodman took a leap of faith and accepted a part-time position with no benefits, made possible by a grant from the Community Foundation. It now has grown into a team of four with tremendous community support.
One of the newest initiatives—the Mobile Crisis Unit—received a grant from the Community Foundation in 2020 to fund all the medical supplies and testing equipment. These allow the staff to admit those in need during calls.
“When a resident in our community is in a mental health crisis, our police officer who is also a licensed paramedic and our licensed professional counselor are ready. The vehicle has all the supplies and resources to respond and give the person any medical care they need,” Goodman said.
Out of 175 calls, all but one were able to avoid arrest through getting the help they needed immediately and continued support from the Crisis Unit afterward. The Crisis Unit has been a community-wide effort, bringing together stakeholders from the city and counties to make this innovative program become a reality.
More Than A Cemetery Fund

More Than A Cemetery Fund

Ephesus Baptist Church, like many other places of worship, has had a cemetery fund for decades. Its cemetery fund was in a CD for most of that time. The church has grown recently, so Greg Janney and other members of the church wanted to make sure the money donated to the cemetery fund would be kept safe with straight-forward guidelines.
In 2015, Greg and cemetery committee members looked at ways to better manage this fund. Since moving it to the Community Foundation, it has both grown to support the cemetery, as well as support the community.
Opening the fund was about more than investing. “What sold us on the fund outside of making a little money, is the fact that a portion goes to helping areas of the community, and maybe areas we don’t know or don’t think about,” he said.
Circles of West Georgia Gains Time & Resources

Circles of West Georgia Gains Time & Resources

Circles of West Georgia coaches families for 18 months to transform their daily life. Since the program began in the area, it has worked with the Community Foundation not just as a grantee but also as a fundholder.
“Having the Community Foundation handle our incoming donations and the administrative part saves the organization a lot of work,” said Nicole Worthington, Circles Director. “In the past, I would be tied up for at least two weeks.”
Because Circles utilizes several of the resources provided by the Community Foundation, Nicole said she has a unique perspective on working with the foundation. She said, “It’s not just about the money, it’s a holistic relationship as the Foundation staff looks out for us as a nonprofit and members of the community. The Foundation has a genuine concern and tries to look out for our resources.”
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Through creating a fund—or contributing to an existing one—you can help unleash the potential of our community. Let us help you make the greatest impact with your charitable giving.
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